Give parents a second chance to re-unite with their kids

A family therapist in a safe place for families = recipe for success

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Kids love their parents. Even when parents don't deserve that love, they still love them.

Alisha (true story) is one of those kids we've worked with over a year now. Alisha's father was in prison. Not a new story.

Alisha's mother? She checked herself into a long-term drug rehab center … again! But this time, she knew she had to make it work. "Strike 3 and you're out." "Out" meaning NO possibility of ever getting her kids back.

Alisha begs to see her mama. She is 5 years old. She's been away from her mama for over a year. That is 20% of her life without her mother!

But, before DFCS can let Alisha visit with her mother, they have to be assured that Alisha will be kept safe. That's where The Ark Supervised Family Visitation Center comes in. We provide not only supervision, but a family therapist provides on-the-job training for parents to learn how to communicate, discipline, play with, live life with their kids. With your giving, you are able to make a huge impact on these broken families for generations to come. With a safe place for parents and kids to re-unite, you are giving that family a second chance for a happy, productive life together.

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